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Here are our top ten love spells submitted by users and practitioners worldwide. We keep updating the list based on your feedback! These love spells work for all scenarios where you need a man or a woman to return to you.

1: Obtain a used shirt from that man or woman and burn it with one of your own. Collect whatever is left (ashes) and place it in a black cloth bag and carry it in your pocket until he or she surrentders.

2: Obtain a small piece of silver (could be anything made out of silver) and place it in one of your dirty socks together with some pubic hair and a photo of him or her alone (write his/her name and date of birth in the back of the photo). Burry it near your home. Dig it out when he/she comes back. The piece of silver can be returned to where it was taken.

3: Right after sunset, stare at the man's/woman's photo and recite this love chant."(the man's/woman's name and date of birth) I (your name and date of birth) leave you no choice but to return to me. I command you to come back to me". Recite this 7 days in a row, using the same photo. Read Psalm 39 from the bible just befroe every recital of the above.

4: Obtain an unwashed sock of that person you want and insert a photo of you in it. Add graveyard dust (about a spoon of soil from a cemetery) in it and shake it slowly. Keep it under your bead.

5: On a Friday night, look at the moon and repeat the man's/woman's name and date of birth 9 times. After that, ask him/her (while still looking at the moon) of what you want.

6: Find an old rusted nail and nail the man's/woman's photo to your bed. Sleep in completely white clothings for 3 nights and before leaving bed in the morning touch that photo and let him/her know of your desires.

7: Obtain 2 feathers from a completely white bird and on a Friday hold them both straight to sunlight (when the sun is at its peak). One of the feather in your left hand and the other in your right hand. keep your hands close to each other. Stare at the feathers and speak out what you want from that man or woman.

8: It has been said that ashes of his/her burnt photo and your saliva rubbed in both palms of your hands have powerful effect when in contact with the man/woman you want back. This works unless the man/woman is not accessible. A simple tap on the back or a friendly touch should do the trick.

9: At exactly noon on a Wednesday, face your mouth againt the wind and speak your desires about the woman you want back.

10: Obtain an unwashed underwear of that man/woman and burry it with an unwashed underwear of yours. 9 eggs are to be placed together with these two items.


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