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FAQs about love spells and love spell casting.

FAQ #1: How frequently should I cast a love spell and for how long do I wait for result? Unless indicated otherwise, a love spell should be cast once. You may cast another love spell instead of the same one. If the spell does not come with a specific time frame regarding when result should happen, it is advisable to conclude that the spell has failed if 10 days have passed without any positive change. Read Faq#2 below.

FAQ #2: Do I need a love spell caster or will I get result by casting a love spell, reciting a love chant, making a love potion or a love charm by myself? Love spells, chants, love charms & love potions or any magic spells require spiritual work (prayers, invocations, incantations, etc), a love spell caster is therefore required. We do not believe that you will obtain the best result just by following the instructions of a love spell, chant, charm or potion by yourself.

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